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Tu as des Questions ? On a des Réponses !

  • Do you accept reservations?
    Nope. We do not take reservations, you can go directly to one of our deal points. Our teams will do their best to get you served as soon as possible.
  • What are the opening days?
    We are open from Tuesday to Sunday. You can check the opening hours here. We are also open on public holidays, with some exceptions.
  • I have a child, can I bring him?
    Crispy Soul welcomes young and old alike!
  • The working atmosphere at Crispy Soul looks so cool! How can I join Team Crispy?
    Announcements are posted on our page LinkedIn. Otherwise, you can also send your unsolicited application to:
  • I want to become a franchisee, is it possible?
    For now, it's not possible yet, but be patient!
  • What is the recipe for your delicious chicken?
    So it's very simple! First of all, you need good chicken, then .. error 404! Did you seriously believe it? (laughs) Go to Crispy Soul instead if you want to try our delicious fried chicken burgers.
  • Can we have it delivered?
    Of course! You can order via our website or delivery platforms: Ubereats & Deliveroo.
  • I want to order online and pick up my order, is it possible?
    We offer the Click & Collect service. You can also order by phone and pick up your order at the time you choose.
  • Do you take meal tickets?
    Yes, we take restaurant cards and vouchers.
  • Do you take checks?
    No, we do not take checks. You can pay by credit card, in cash or in vouchers and restaurant checks.
  • Is the chicken halal?
    Yes the chicken is halal in our restaurants!
  • Your burgers look wow! But I'm a vegetarian...
    Don't panic! All our burgers are offered in a veggie version because we think of all gourmets!
  • I am allergic to certain foods... What should I do?
    You can ask the service staff for the allergen table. Otherwise, it is also available in the section LA CARTE from our menu.

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